Nikola Berest

Nikola Berest

Seniority:  9 years
Tattoo styles:
  • Traditional
  • Old school

Traditional and Old School Tattoos in Wrocław

At Right Stuff Tattoo in Wrocław, Nikola Berest, a tattoo artist with 9 years of experience, stands out as a master of traditional and old school tattoos. His works, combining skill and history, reflect a deep passion and respect for these classic tattoo styles.

Old School Tattoo

History of Old School Tattoo

The old school style, also known as traditional American style, has its roots in the 1920s. It developed within the maritime community, where sailors adorned their bodies with tattoos symbolizing maritime adventures, luck, and protection. Characteristic of this style are bright colors, thick outlines, and iconic motifs such as anchors, sailing ships, hearts, and sea creatures. In the 1930s and 1940s, this style gained popularity, becoming an important element of pop culture.

Key Elements of Old School

Old school tattoos feature bold, thick lines and a vivid color palette including red, yellow, blue, and green. The motifs are simple yet striking, often incorporating nautical, patriotic, and romantic elements. In the studio, the artist creates old school tattoos that blend these traditional elements with a modern touch.

Old School with a Modern Twist

Drawing from the rich tradition of old school, Nikola introduces modern elements into his work, such as unconventional compositions and bold color combinations. His old school tattoos reflect both respect for tradition and openness to modern tattoo trends.

Traditional Tattoo

Traditional tattoos are primarily a journey into tradition and history. This style, known for its bold colors and iconic motifs, pays homage to the history of tattooing. In Wrocław, traditional tattoos are not only aesthetically beautiful but also carry deep cultural and historical significance.

Traditional tattoos often feature motifs such as roses, skulls, eagles, hearts, and lettering. Each of these motifs has its symbolic meaning, from love and fear to freedom and adventure.

Nikola Berest treats traditional tattooing not just as a form of body decoration but as a true art form. His tattoos are carefully designed, with attention to detail and depth of symbolism. Each tattoo is a unique work of art that tells a story and expresses emotions.

Wrocław Tattoo Studio

In this place where tattoo tradition meets modern techniques, the artist combines classic old school and traditional motifs with modern elements in his work. His approach to tattooing reflects a deep understanding of the history and culture of tattooing, and each tattoo created is not only aesthetically beautiful but also carries deep cultural and historical significance.

Influence on the Tattoo Scene in Wrocław

Both Nikola and the Right Stuff Tattoo studio have a significant influence on the tattoo scene in Wrocław. His work is not only an expression of the artist’s individual style but also a reflection of the rich culture and history of tattooing. The studio has become a place where tattoo enthusiasts can find not only beautiful tattoos but also deep meaning and history behind each design.

Traditional and old school tattoos in the studio are not just beautiful works of art but also a tribute to the rich history of tattooing. These styles, combining classic motifs with modern techniques, are an ideal choice for those seeking tattoos with deep meaning and history. Nikola, as an experienced master, contributes to the development and promotion of these styles by creating unique and meaningful works of art.

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