Tatiana Rodnova handpoke tattoo artist tatuaże ornamentalne

Tatiana Rodnova

Seniority:  4 years
Tattoo styles:
  • Handpoke
  • Ornament

Handpoke Tattoo and Ornamental Tattoos in Wrocław

At Right Stuff Tattoo in Wrocław, Tatiana Rodnova, a tattoo artist with 4 years of experience, specializes in unique styles of handpoke and ornament tattoos. Her works, a fusion of precision and artistic sensitivity, attract clients seeking exceptional and enduring pieces of art on their skin.

Handpoke Tattoo

What is Handpoke?

Handpoke tattoo, also known as “stick and poke,” is a traditional tattooing technique that Tatiana has mastered perfectly. This method, departing from the use of electric tattoo machines, is appreciated for its simplicity and direct contact with the client.

Handpoke tattooing involves Tatiana using a single needle and ink to manually create a pattern on the skin. This technique, not requiring the use of traditional tattoo machines, allows for a more intimate and personalized experience, both for the artist and the client.

The process of creating a handpoke tattoo at Right Stuff Tattoo involves delicately and precisely introducing ink into the skin using a needle. This method allows Tatiana to create more detailed and delicate designs that may be difficult to achieve using machine tattooing.

Is Handpoke Tattoo Worth It?

Choosing a handpoke tattoo by Tatiana offers clients a unique character and the ability to create more personal and subtle works of art. This technique is ideal for those seeking smaller, more detailed tattoos, as well as for those who prefer a more natural and less invasive tattooing process.

Ornamental Tattoo

Ornamental tattoos, also a specialty of Tatiana, are a form of art that combines intricately crafted patterns and symmetry. This style of tattooing is unique due to its ability to draw inspiration from various cultures and traditions.

Ornamental tattoos are characterized by intricate patterns, which are often symmetrical and repetitive. These patterns can be inspired by traditional motifs from around the world, from geometric Islamic patterns to delicate floral motifs known from Japanese art.

Creating an ornamental tattoo requires the artist not only to have technical precision but also the ability to create harmonious and balanced designs. The tattoo artist focuses on every detail, from fine lines to complex compositions, to create tattoos that are true works of art.

In Summary: Tatiana Rodnova at Right Stuff Tattoo studio in Wrocław offers a unique and personal experience in the art of tattooing, specializing in the handpoke technique and ornament. Her works reflect both technical precision and artistic sensitivity, attracting clients seeking exceptional tattoos. As an artist, Tatiana contributes to the development and promotion of these styles, creating works of art that are not only beautiful but also deeply meaningful to those who wear them.

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