Fyzi Takor tattoo artist, Tatuaże Japońskie

Fyzi Takor

Seniority:  6 years
Tattoo styles:
  • Japanese
  • Neotradycyjny

Japanese and Neotraditional Tattoos in Wrocław

At Right Stuff Tattoo in Wrocław, Fyzi Takor, a tattoo artist with 8 years of experience, stands out for his passion and skills in Japanese and neotraditional styles. His work, a combination of deep tradition and a modern approach to tattoo art, attracts clients seeking unique and meaningful works of art on their skin.

Japanese Tattoo

History of Japanese Tattoo

Japanese tattoo style, known as irezumi, has its roots in ancient Japan, where it was initially used as a symbol of social status and group affiliation. During the Edo period (1603-1868), tattoos became associated with the samurai class and were considered a symbol of honor and strength. In later years, irezumi also became popular among members of the yakuza, the Japanese mafia.

Characteristics and Symbolism

Japanese tattoos are characterized by rich, detailed scenes and characters from Japanese mythology and folklore. Popular motifs include dragons, cherry blossoms, waves, koi fish, and characters from Japanese stories. Each of these elements has its symbolic meaning; for example, the dragon symbolizes strength and courage, while the koi fish represents perseverance and overcoming obstacles.

Technique and Style

Japanese tattoos are known for their size and complexity, often covering large areas of the body such as the back, arms, or legs. This style is characterized by vibrant colors, bold outlines, and detailed shading. Fyzi Takor employs these techniques to create tattoos that are visually impressive and deeply rooted in Japanese culture.

Neo-Traditional Tattoo

History and Development

Neo-traditional tattoo style originated from traditional American tattooing, which gained popularity in the 1930s. These designs evolved, blending classic motifs with modern techniques and aesthetics. The style has gained popularity in recent decades, becoming one of the most recognizable styles in tattoo art.


Neo-traditional tattoos are characterized by vibrant colors, thin lines, and detailed shading. Motifs often draw from nature, such as animals and flowers, but are presented in a more stylized and artistic manner. Fyzi at Right Stuff Tattoo utilizes these elements to create tattoos that are both modern and pay homage to classical tattoo art.

Neo-traditional tattooing is popular among individuals who appreciate both classical aesthetics and a modern approach to art.

In summary, Fyzi Takor at Right Stuff Tattoo in Wrocław offers his clients a unique experience in the art of tattooing, specializing in Japanese and neo-traditional styles. His works combine deep tradition with modern interpretations, creating artworks that are both beautiful and meaningful.

Whether in Japanese or neo-traditional tattoo style, Fyzi Takor demonstrates his passion and skills, attracting clients seeking tattoos that tell their unique stories.

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